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Media Release Monday, September 24, 2007

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Media Release

During the Annual General Meeting held by the New South Wales Taxi Drivers Association on Sunday September 2nd 2007, a crucial decision was made by the membership present to totally expel two founding members of the association.

These members Mr. Michael Jools and Mr. David Bradley were removed from the books of the association having held senior administrative roles in the past.

The case of Mr. Jools being that of President of the association due to serious administrative breaches within the association. Mr. Jools was originally suspended from the role of the executive committee of the New South Wales Taxi Association back in December 2006 for disruptive and undesirable conduct at committee meetings. The committee decision for his expulsion was endorsed by the membership in a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting on September 2nd.

David Bradley’s expulsion came about due to him being voted out of his previous executive role back at the Annual General meeting in August 2006. Having thus being voted out and being in control of the association’s website which is a registered domain name he has refused on repeated requests to release the domain name of the website to the appointed and elected website managers and allowed for derogatory publications to appear on the associations website confusing members as to the progress and activity of the same.

All interested parties are hereby notified that neither Michael Jools or David Bradley are in any way, since the meeting of September 2nd 2007. associated or directly involved with the New South Wales Taxi Drivers Association. Any correspondence from Michael Jools on the New South Wales Taxi Drivers Association letter heads to be considered fraudulent.
The following are the results of the Annual General Meeting held on 2 September 2007 at the Granville RSL club.
1. President: Geoff Coates
2. Vice President: Anne Turner
3. Secretary: Ted Hirsch
4. Treasurer: Ernie Mollenhauer
5. Media Manager: Faruque Ahmed
6. Website Manager: Jimmy West
7. Membership Manager: Gurdev Singh
8. Bailee Representative: Bob Zivojinovic
9. Bailee Representative: Peter Chiarello
10. Owner Representative: Ray Prasad
11. Lessee Representative: Michael Singh
12. Minutes Secretary: Brian Ridge

Faruque Ahmed

Media Manager
Mobile: 041 091 4118

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