Monday, August 27, 2007

Exposing a Criminal (Michael Jools)

Exposing a Criminal

Dear Mr. Jools,
I too would like to see unity to progress the taxi industry. The question is "How can that be achieved?" You have pointed to bullshit, vile hatred and venomousness from Mr. Hirsch, Mr. Faruque and Mr. Lindholdt. If their comments fitted those definitions I could point to the same from Mr. Bradley, Mr. Nelson, Mr. West and your good self, all perpetual committee members of the ATDA.

Has it occurred to you that this style of "debate" is counterproductive to the objective of unity, that it creates division rather than unity and that it is within your power to do something about it? All you have to do is to ask your supporters to present your case clearly and logically without resorting to personal insults. Then, perhaps, the other side will follow suit and objective discussions could be had on the merits of the issues rather than on the merits of the personalities involved.

You are a very prominent figure in the taxi industry and as such you have a lot of influence over drivers. Why not reflect on your own actions and ask youself whether they have contributed to unity or not?In another post you referred to a minority of unruly people who disrupted the meeting at which the current committee of the NSWTDA was elected.

Is it possible that those people actually displayed unity by working together to get the committee that they wanted to represent them? I believe that your response was to reject their wishes by refusing to work with that committee. If that is so, would that foster unity amongst drivers?

Subsequently you formed the Australian Taxi Drivers Association along with the former committee members of the NSWTDA to do exactly the same things. Would that foster unity among taxi drivers? Since then members of your group have constantly attacked the committee members of the NSWTDA on it's own forum, stifling any debate on any other topic. Would that foster unity amongst taxi drivers?

All the committee members af the ATDA including you want to retain their membership of the NSWTDA and stand for election to it's committee. Does that foster unity amongst taxi drivers?

You have proposed a change to the constitution of the NSWTDA which would make it impossible to change the members of the committee, as is the case in the ATDA. Would that foster unity amongst taxi drivers?

Most recently you have commenced legal action against the NSWTDA and Mr Hirsch. Will that foster unity amongst taxi drivers?Maybe I don't understand your definition of unity. Perhaps you would be kind enough to explain to me and everyone else on this forum what unity is and how it works.

Under my definition of unity I think you could make a huge contribution by eating a bit of humble pie and smoking the peace pipe.


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