Friday, November 9, 2007


Incorporating Bailee Drivers, Owner Drivers and Lessee Drivers
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‘A Fair Share of a Fair Fare’

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The NSW Taxi Drivers Association is pleased to help Miranda with some arithmetic to solve the problem of Xmas party goers getting home in November and December each year.

There are 5000 taxis in Sydney. Each can take between 1 and 4 revelers home, on say a 15 minute trip and 15 return to the City, for 6 persons per hour. Working from 10pm till 4am in the morning, Sydney's taxis can therefore take home some 200,000 persons (6 pax x 6 hours x 5000 cabs approx). That's a far cry from Miranda's million, even with the addition of "gypsy" cabs, wherever they may materialise from.
On the other hand, only 1000 buses carrying 60 people can take about 350,000 people home during that period. And 100 trains with 1000 persons can carry 600,000 revelers home in that time. Like they do in weekday peak hours. That takes care of most of Miranda's million revelers. Of course 1000 extra bus divers and 100 train drivers would have to be paid overtime to work those nights.

Based on simple arithmetic, trains and buses are the easy, obvious and only solution to the traditional Xmas problems that Miranda correctly identifies.

Faruque Ahmed
Media Manager
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